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We will scale your design to be as large as possible within the size selected. If you need an exact size, please let us know under "Special Instructions". The birth of peeing Calvin decals. Spoiler: they probably come from Florida. There were also arrests.

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Calvin prays Calvin prays Calvin prays Calvin prays Calvin prays. Trivia Happy author Fucking first time pak girls Edwards is now writing for Vox. You'll find new amazing stories there. Like Phil Edwards on Facebook. The birth of the swish and the first basketball player to get one March 11, The gender-bending superstar and generator hatter who invented the fedora May 7, Start a Conversation What do you think about the bootleg Calvins?

It's true that Calvin would never do something so lame peeing unoriginal as to pee on something to show he doesn't like it. Any person who truly appreciated and understood the strip would know that And CaptainGoodthere will always be women who think that they're empowering themselves by emulating the stupidest behavior exhibited by men.

It's a shame Calvin has been reduced to a pissing calvin.

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The strip was once one of the best comics around. It's a shame Bill decided to retire. I want a web site that generates alternate versions of the Yosemite Sam "Back Off" mudflaps. Isn't that the Tazmanian Devil, GZappa? Wow, nothing says--I'm a high schooler or college freshman who's never had to live in the real world public thong slip calling everything "retarded.

On another note, basically, if you have a Calvin peeing on something on your car, you're short a few chromosomes.

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If you look past the sticker, through the window, past the gun rack, there's going to be a pretty great mullet to admire. I think Watterson wanted to take a sabbatical or something, but the cartoon syndicate wasn't accomodating, so he said fark off. Calvin can die any time, the person ever created that annoying little prick can die before Calvin.

When he starts pissing on those Jesus fish we'll have something. How about one of Calvin peeing on Susie? That's gay. The pissing female Calvin is classy. Something to sneak on the back of Mom's minivan Nah, the whole idea is shiat. Udo, why did you choose that name?

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It really, really sucked when both Bill Waterson and Gary Larson retired within a year of eachother. I really admire Bill Waterson's commitment to refusing to merchandise- the world needs more of that. I will admit to having owned generator bootleg t-shirt once, but that was a gift, and it was so poorly made that it wore out within a couple of months. Much as I would like peeing small, non-obnoxious Calvin-themed merchandise, I respect the wishes of his creator. Try making a GIF instead! What calvin the Meme Generator?

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You can create "meme chains" of multiple images stacked vertically by adding new images with the "below current image" setting. Can I use the generator for more than just memes?


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calvin peeing generator incredibles 2 porn The decal that shows Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes going to the bathroom has been stuck on the back of thousands of pick-up truck windows. Watterson never gave the decals his OK. So the bootlegs emerged. Where did the bootlegs begin? And why did they stick around?
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