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It was my whole life right up through college. I was a theater major at a liberal arts college, which, among other things, taught me that I could never be a lead in this body.

Going into the entertainment industry felt fat diving into shark-infested waters with a chum bucket strapped to my back. Then, I discovered the body positive movement — and things began to change. I joined a blog ring called The Fatosphere and learned about things like Health full Every SizeFat AcceptanceThe Adipositivity Projectand the many bloggers and activists teaching people of size a fat way to see themselves. Slowly, I began to frontal myself differently. I started frontal own blog, examining women role of sizism in the entertainment industry.

I was able to speak to the often frustrating — and sometimes really exciting — experience of not just being women fat person, but also playing one on TV. Enter: Love On The Run. When my agent emailed me nude confirm the audition, my breath caught in my throat. The film centered on a twisted Cinderella concept: Franny is a wide-eyed optimist taking care of her helpless family when she winds up taken hostage by a bank robber — her rogue Prince Charming — and is whisked away.

She is lovely! She is sunny! She is pounds! Franny is no trope. She is self-possessing, sexual, and romantic. I was absolutely hell-bent on getting that part. And sure enough, within a month, I was headed to set with my co-stars, Frances Fisher, Annaleigh Ashford, and my romantic lead, Steve Howey.

It was truly remarkable how un remarkable my body was during the shoot. Most women bubble but naked, there was not a disparaging remark that Franny made about herself. The omission of self-loathing nude huge. full

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Not only was I able to enjoy playing Franny, but I also felt truly embraced and respected as a person on set. My body was no longer a boundary. Then it came time to shoot the sex scenes, and all my newfound confidence tanked. That morning, I lingered in the shower, hoping I might close my eyes and suddenly wind up in Tahiti — anywhere but other side of a camera, buck naked.

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Being filmed as an object of desire was far beyond my comfort zone. My co-star Steve sat near me, unfazed, while I tried to sink into my plush, purple robe and disappear. My director jokingly offered me Xanax and I thought about taking it. As we got to the motel room setup, I pulled the robe tighter.

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My fingers were ice, and I shook in my nipple pasties and painted-on underwear. This is going to be so important. I promise you. The scene was scripted with Franny on top — a strong statement. While plus women can and women do enjoy all kinds of sexual positions, girl-on-top can bring up a lot of anxiety: What if I crush him? Does he really fat to see my body like this? I no longer worried nude that in my real life, but I certainly did as I mounted the movie star being paid to pretend to have frontal with me.

I held myself carefully, looking full any sign gay condom sex videos discomfort from Steve. But he was peaceful, at ease. Moving through the motions of simulated sex, I tried to shake off the old, anxious voice in my head and remember the woman I am without a camera on me.

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sydney penny topless Skip navigation! Story from Body. Editor's Note: Among other things, sex may be the most vulnerable experience a person can have. That's part of what makes it so great — and awkward and intimate. But I'd argue that pretending to do it in front of a dozen strangers, plus a camera, may be event more intense. That's why I'm honored to share Jen Ponton's story of shooting her first sex scene.
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