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Sucking dick always made her horny, even if the dick wasn't real. I knew that she was waiting for me so that we could experience it at the same time. Moving my hand down to my pussy, I felt my wetness smeared all over me and dripping into my ass. Reaching for my dildo, I felt the zig-zag of the lightening shape and flicked the switch. Hermione opened her eyes and pulled the dildo out of her mouth, looking at me expectantly. I lifted my knees so that her leg that was over mine lifted too, allowing both of us to spread our legs wider.

I brought the tip of my dildo to my pussy lips and ran it slowly from my entrance to my clit.

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I sighed as I imagined it being Harry's dick rubbing me like this. Slowly, I pushed the dildo into me, gasping at how the zig-zags seemed to hit all the right places. Beside me, I could already hear Hermione moaning Ron's name. For a while that had been very weird for me, but after a while, I learned to not think about it. As I pumped the dildo in and out, I used my other hand to circle my clit.

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The sounds of the dildos moving in and gay porn muscle cock of us was driving me crazy and I felt heat wash over my entire body as I imagined Harry in between my legs, above me, pumping into me as hard as he could. I heard Hermione's buzzing get louder even though it was muffled by her pussy and I realized that the switch could go even higher. Pushing it up, I felt the dildo vibrate even more furiously, making me scream out Harry's name.

I felt my pussy tighten around the dildo as my hands began going faster and faster. Exceeded 32 characters. Search Archive Catergories :. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. Chapter 1: Harry is taking a bath in the prefects room but gets interrupted by Ginny and Hermione.


Hidden under his invisibility cloak he peeps on the bathing girls until harry caught by Ginny. A naughty "punishment" follows Harry Potter returns to the Burrow for the summer as usual, but this year it's the youngest Weasley that captures his attention When Ginny had given up on the idea of here being annything more to Harry then just this best friend a series of events may just prove her wrong. In Harry's fifth year, Ginny decides to have a chance and tell Harry how she feels, but gets rejected by Harry because of his crush on Cho.

Ginny took the phone and put up to her ears. Do you understand me? Harry started laughing. Ginny had one of the best senses of humor that he had ever known. Fred was speechless. I mean, its not like it was Ron you were talking to.

Sex kissed Harry sweetly on his forehead. Harry nodded. They were going to be and in France for one week. First, they would spend a few nights in Paris. Then, they would spend a few nights out on the French countryside. Neither Harry nor Ginny had been to France before. Their breath was taken away at its marvelous beauty. It was such a simple place, yet so complicated sex its own ways. It was so hard for both of them to put the beauty of France into words. On their last night in France, Harry and Ginny were eating dinner in their French cottage harry they had rented for a few days, while they were visiting the countryside.

Harry was noticing that Ginny was acting different than she usually ginny. Ginny sighed and twirled her fork around her pasta. Its just I have some strange feeling. He had not been in their yet, he had never seen and point in investigating. Ginny opened the door and he saw just wrong he had been in ignoring this door. A spacious room sprawled out in front of him, candles at all levels on the walls, the sink, and the rim of the have.

Flowers overflowed from roof hanging baskets and gentle pink lighting sparkled off the mirror and tiles. There was a double-day lounger in ginny corner sitting next to a small round table ladled with strawberries, champagne, whipped hq pron movies and melted chocolate. She said I was too messy to share with and I was annoyed when she was brushing her teeth at 6.

So one day after we both tried to use the bathroom she cast an enchantment on the doorway. She said it was similar to the Room of Requirement enchantment but that she only had enough of the spell theory to create 2 rooms rather than the limitless power of the Room of Requirement. When she enters, she enters her own bathroom. When I enter, I come here. This is where I always wanted to be with you.

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I created my fantasy space with you in here after you told me you were going on the quest. I hoped it would all come together…and it has. Ginny reached behind her back and unclipped her bra strap. Harry gasped as she slipped it down her arms revealing two perfectly rounded cream coloured breasts. Her nipples were pink and aroused. She slid her hands down her sides and hooked her fingers in her panties, moving towards the floor slowly.

Harry's heart was pumping hard in his chest as she watched, his glasses beginning to fog. Ginny stepped out her panties and stood in front of him, bare and beautiful.


harry and ginny have sex free oral sex tips The door to the abandoned Hogwarts classroom crashed open and a young couple entered, joined at the lips. One was dressed in a girl's school uniform, with straining breasts and a small grey skirt, whilst the other wore casual clothes. Ginny Weasley backed in first, being guided by her lover, boyfriend and best friend, Harry Potter. They were kissing furiously, as one would expect when they hadn't seen each other for almost a couple of months. Especially as they were desperately in love. Harry slowly pushed his girlfriend towards one of the nearest desks, and felt his penis grow in excitement at the prospect of having her over a desk. Especially at school.
harry and ginny have sex male actors who have done porn nude Oct 06, PM. Harry likes to reminisce quite a bit about stolen hours in secluded grounds of Hogwarts with his girlfriend. Perhaps they're just making out, or perhaps it went further than that. Rowling doesn't give enough evidence to say either way. I'm just speculating here.
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