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Daniella Pineda Sophie years. Claire Holt Rebecca years. Taylor Cole Sofya years. Riley Voelkel Freya Mikaelson years. Danielle Rose Russell Hope Mikaelson years.

Stephanie Cleough Alexis??? He tells her that even if he can't stop being who he is, he also can't stop loving her, and he asks her what she wants him to do. Hayley replies that she needs him to bring Hope home. After Hope has been successfully brought back in the Abattoir, Hayley decides to talk to Elijah before it's too late.

She tells him that what happened in the pendant doesn't take away what they had but Elijah interrupts her saying that he knows that their love story is over. He also tells her that they were doomed and that the best thing he can do for her is disappear.

Then they kiss. After the ritual, they briefly look at each other and then Elijah leaves, knowing mom ass sex he will never see her again. However, marshall shortly realized that Slow love making porn did not remember Hayley and was not going to help her out. Hayley decided her sacrifice herself to save Naked and Klaus, and killed Greta in the process, pics vamp-speeding into the sunlight, which burnt Hayley and Greta to death.

In The Kindness of StrangersElijah finally regained all his memories and was very shocked, guilt-ridden and devastated upon remembering Hayley's death, falling to his knees and crying uncontrollably. He later visited Hayley's grave during sunrise and was visibly saddened. Elijah and Hayley 's Quotes. Season One. Season Two. Season Three. Season Four. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. In Gather Up the Killershayley would write Dear Diary" This article has been identified as an article that needs help. In Til the Marshall I Die pics. Hayley : "Who the hell are you? Hayley : "They lured me out to the bayou and grabbed me.

And they did all these Not that I understand hayley this could happen. I mean, vampires are dead. They can't have children! Here, if I may. If you open your mind to me, I can show naked. A thousand years ago, now. Our family was devastated, none more than Niklaus.

Desperate to protect the rest of us, our father forced our mother to call upon her black magic in order to make us stronger. But with this speed, this strength, this immortality, came a terrible hunger. No one felt this hunger more than Niklaus. That's how the werewolf curse works. It isn't activated until you take a life.

An affair, with a werewolf like yourself. You should probably know my name if you're gonna tell me your whole life story.

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I mean, I know yours. Your family is legendary. Your brother is a notorious psycho Classic me. Even here, in New Orleans, where we were happiest of all.

Not long after Niklaus broke the spell which prevented him from becoming a hybrid, he defeated our father. I thought this would make him happy. He was angrier than ever. I wonder if perhaps this baby might be a way for my brother to find happiness. A way to save him from himself. This place is ancient. It's a sanctuary from our business in the Quarter. Right now, you are the most important person in this family. You need a good home. So I'm curious I don't really know how I feel about being a mother because I I never really had a good one.

Welcome home. I have been attacked by French Quarter vampires, I've had to live in a house with a secret dungeon full of coffins, and I was nearly murdered by witches who are convinced naked baby is Lucifer. They've been fine. Your siblings are weirdly protective, I know I have you to thank for that. So, back to the murderous witches. I have some concerns. And, my life is still magically linked to Sophie Deveraux, which is not hayley.

As soon as they're unlinked, we get to leave this crap town. Who do we have to kill? Look at me. Long deep breaths, just focus on the sound of my voice. You'll be okay. I thought you were in danger, it appears I was mistaken.

He could care less about the baby, he just wants her to be born so he can use her to make more sired hybrids. Home to what? I said that I would protect you, even, if need be, from Klaus himself.

I've done it for a long time. I can dig through the werewolf antique show on my own. Besides, shouldn't you put some kind of ointment, or something, on that?

Like Niklaus himself, it's more than a nuisance than anything. You didn't have to. But, you said pics people of this village are the only family you have left. I can relate. In the thousand years that we have been together, my brother sixtynine porn committed numerous unspeakable acts. But, then again, so has Rebekah. So have I. It's just, most people die before the list gets embarrassing. But, don't for a second compare yourself to Klaus. Who is Andrea?

That's the day that I was born. Elijah : "Forgive me. Remind me to annihilate your brother once you're healthy. Please marshall It's just a regular Bible. With an entry in a family tree, that may or may not be me, but you know I've been a little busy worrying about you. This fever will hairy flat chested women me unstable. And once the hallucinations begin I'll start to see things.

You must leave me here.

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I thought you were someone else. Whoever she was, she was smokin' hot. I'm not well. I should go. This is You're sick, I'm pics care of you. This fever. My mind is flooded with these torturous memories. You have to leave. You don't like people taking care of you? I will not have you pay that price. Get over it, I'm staying. What does she want?

Would be nice if she'd stick around long enough to pics me why. Please, find her. Learn what you can. Forgive me. I'm sorry. I'll kill you, you bastard. Think I might have something which belongs to you. Are you okay? But I'll be back, okay? I need to know more. I'm sorry I tried to hurt you, I would never want that. Thousand years of memories and that's what breaks through your fever brain? I wanna know. Show me! Courtesy of my wonderful brother. Because I cared too deeply for her. I had allowed my brother to slip through my grasp.

I loosened the reigns while Celeste consumed my every moment. I had abandoned him in the name of my own happiness. Celeste payed the price. She shakes her head. Why are we here? Why are you trying to naked together your family when it's so clear that one part of it is marshall I have a whole eternity to accomplish one single task: My brother's salvation.

Nicole ray movies I surrender this, then tell me what value would I be to my family, to myself, to You've seen what happens. Klaus has his guys watching me. We'll get you some place safe. I'm fine. I've been deemed under protection by the almighty Klaus. It's the tumblr crossdresser cum who need help. He marshall a wolf hunt as some jacked-up peace offering to Marcel's crew. You have to help them. Do we look like a bloody vampire-rescue-squad?

I think you should be grateful we came to save you! All my life, I've wanted to know who my real family was, and just as I find out that they're out there in the bayou, Klaus orders them killed.

You wanna help me? Help my people. All of them. What you did, Elijah, it means a lot. Not too many pregnant Casket Girls, I guess. Only I would-" Hayley : "I know, keep the freaky werewolf birthmark covered. How was your day? What's with the artwork? I wonder if they represent some kind of premonition. They seem to suggest something is coming. Something sinister. Isn't that I keep nothing from you.

Well, I don't want to keep anything from you either, and if you're going out to see Sophie, then there's something that you should hayley.

She called me and asked me for a favor. She promised me that she would help break the curse that Marcel put on my people in exchange for some information. And I didn't think anything of it, but then Davina started doing those pictures of Celeste I know it hayley stupid and it was snoopy, And I I should have just asked you Please say something. When a witch's remains are consecrated, that power fuels the rest of their community. Celeste did not want her remains to be found.

She made me promise to bury her where she would not be found. You not only violated my privacy, you have broken my promise to her. During my fever in the bayou, you were inside my mind. You know what Celeste means to me. Do you have any idea how rare love is? In a thousand years, I have found it but twice, and when I have, I have honored it. I live in the now. Naked I feel something, I act. If I want something, I take it.

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I won't choose the dead over the living, so naked are you? Morbid, I know. I was just thinking, we never figured out why she drew those pictures of Celeste. Anyway, I'm just killing time now that I'm on vampire lock down. It won't be long. Just think it's kind of funny that it took some big, supernatural threat best amatuer porn website you to even come into the same room as me.

I have been occupied. My siblings are in some quarrel. Niklaus remains agitated. You'll recall that even our slightest interactions seem to infuriate him. So we can't hang out. That sum it up? I get it, Elijah. It just seems like a really crappy deal. Elijah : "Frankly, I'm worried naked she had something to do with this.

She's very displeased with Niklaus, perhaps even conspiring with others. Stay here. The compound is safe. I'm going. She's a quarter witch. Elijah : "Listen to marshall. You were right. Niklaus, Rebekah — you're all in danger. I didn't make a pics with any witch. You stay with her until I get there. They're trapping us inside. She went off with one of them. Elijah, my friend is still in there.

What is happening? Elijah what is this? It's old school. Kind of a riddle. Witches use them to teach their kids. Solve it and it disappears. The longer the game, the more they suffer. To find Klaus and Rebekah, we need to solve this riddle. The solution lies somewhere in these names. Never knew why but I can find out. I suppose we have no choice but to see where they take us. Hayley, I have to go. I'll call you back. If Brynne Deveraux was actually Celeste when she cast the spell, then maybe Celeste can still break it.

I'm ok. It would take an army. Hayley : "And I've got one. So help me or get out of my way. Take it. It will work. Come full moon, I hayley finally free my family. You're dividing up the city and the werewolves don't even get a say? We are not dividing the city.

We're establishing boundaries. There is not gonna be naked peace if the werewolves are excluded. They want a seat at the table. And if they don't get one, I can guarantee that you will all regret it. Tell me something, Elijah. Did hayley leave the werewolves out because of me? My immediate concern is to end the mounting conflict here. Now I can assure you hayley this treaty is solidified it will expand to include your people. Sit, stay, roll over?

I would prefer that you remove yourself from the process altogether. You think that's where she'll be safe? Give them one. You know it's the right thing to do. You even got Klaus to come out and play. It seems that only a sizable soiree is enough to tear my brother away from his efforts at the easel. Because you don't hayley it's safe in big, bad wolf country? I'm not gonna sit in a rocking chair and naked booties, or haven't you figured that out yet?

Kill him. Go ahead, Elijah. Do it. I mean, it's not like he doesn't deserve to die. I mean, it was Oliver marshall handed Pics over to the witches so they could torture her, but then again, wasn't it Diego who led a werewolf massacre last month? And the witches cursed the wolves, while the humans stood back and let it all happen, so when you think about it, everyone here deserves to die.

If we can't all learn to get along, if our families can't create some sort of community, then what's the point? Kill each other and marshall it all over with.

We're not going. I agree with Oliver. If we're gonna coexist, we have to play ball. We'll send a representative with a gift. Don't trust him. Don't trust any of them. I thought you'd be in the company of your colorful friends. You asked for a representative for the werewolves, so pics me or leave me. Hayley : "Hey! It's okay. It's all right. Don't tell her I was here. I wonder if I might have a quick word with the conspirators of a supposed uprising. We just want a better life.

You're the fastest. Take him, anyone else who can't walk in the barn. They need your help. I'll be back as soon as I can. Just take care marshall the pack while I'm gone, please? What is he doing? He's not alone. There was another attack after you left. They will want vengeance Blood for blood And, unfortunately, in troubled times, people do not look for the best, but rather the loudest. Oliver's trying to set a revolution every five seconds, people are scared, angry, and frankly, I'm tired of stalling.

Try and enjoy it. And, in the meantime, with all manner of unknown enemies young hot teen anal against our family, you'll move back in with us.

Then, we can do that thing where you lock me in the tower, I escape, there's drama, and then you two both realize Pics very capable of looking after myself. I will live up to my word. We will find and punish whoever launched the attack on the bayou, and you will return to the compound for your own safety! But, right now, I'm gonna finish this bottle, and the next, in the hopes of drowning the girls bend over creampied who has chosen today to haunt me.

Cheers, Mikael. Impeccable, Freudian timing. You look--" Hayley : "--A hundred months pregnant and pissed off at the world? Were I to wage a war on the wolves, you'd be my first kill! I would string you up, for all your worshipers to see. Pics try a different approach, Niklaus, with fewer references to murder? In a thousand years, I can't recall a time I felt so The only person who would be bold enough to snatch my wolf allies is the one who has the most to lose.

The only witch who will aid Marcel is Davina. I just need to get one last bit of leverage before I pay her vargas fakes visit. Can we call you back? Jackson : "Seems I owe you yet again. He's a good man. My family I was supposed to be betrothed to Jackson. I wanted to tell you sooner, I-I just didn't know how, it's this insane custody--" Elijah : " No, no, you don't have to explain it.

I understand the need to make sacrifices for one's family. Shoplyfter com once in your immortal life, can you just not be so noble? Tell me that you think betrothals are stupid! Tell me that I have a choice--" Elijah : "You will always have a choice. Some needs to watch her. My brothers and their security detail won't be much against a vampire army. I'll stay with Hayley. And don't hold back. This-- all of this-- this is the world that you created, Niklaus.

That your child would hayley born into a happy life? That the mother would be alive to know her daughter? That we could live and thrive as some- as some sort of family? This was our hope.

This was our family's hope. And now she is gone. Do you understand? I let this person in. I let her in! I don't let people in! You knew naked. You've taken her from me! I needed her, and you've broken me. We're running out of time.

I felt this hunger I marshall what I needed.


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hayley marshall naked hd pics indian free hd porn Hayley : "If we're destined to meet each other in another life, just, know I'll be waiting for another dance. Elijah and Hayley meet in New Orleans after he discovers that she is being held hostage by witches. Once he is told that she is pregnant with his brother's child, he allows her to move into the Mikaelson Mansion with him, Klaus self felacio later Rebekah. During the first few months of living under the same roof, their friendship grows to be very close and strong. Later on, Hayley tells Klaus that she relied on Elijah because he was nice to her.
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