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Sex like this is harmless, so we should really give into it and make sure we are enjoying ourselves for the short time that we have in here. The day starts off sexy, I was in my room, beating my meat sexy usual, and I was enjoying every second of it, but something was missing. Good thing I bought my fleshlight, though. I used it to squeeze my cock and I kept getting hornier and hornier. I forgot about the surroundings and I was put into a trance of some sort.

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She was so red hot sexy that she made my virgin dick so rock solid throbbing hard, my dick really needed to be all the way up in that delicious pussy. My sexy sister suddenly turned around and spotted me looking at her! It was so embarrassing that I started to run off!

Younger both got back to sister gym so that she could teach me a lesson. I explained that I wanted to see her naked because all of my friends always talked about how hot she is. That actually made her flattered and horny, so she decided to have some fun with her sexy step-brother.

She caught her husband cheating on her and she had no where else to go. She asked me one summer day and moved in the next. I have a large three bedroom home with a deck and an in ground pool.

It was nothing to convert one of my sister bedrooms over for Amy to use. My cock was semi hard the whole time I helped her move in. My mind was racing with all kinds of arousing fantasies, I imagined making love to her in every room of my house.

At first, I gave her the space she needed, sometimes catching her just after she was crying, always trying to cheer her up. As the weeks went by, she was starting to get over the pain of her ending marriage. I surprised her with flowers and gifts and soon she was herself again. It took about four months and we were now hanging out together, going out and doing all kinds of great shemale porn. It started to feel like we were almost dating as we were always together.

As more time passed, we got more and more sexually open with each other which lead to more and more raging hard-ons for me. She would walk from her bedroom to the bathroom in only her bra and panties, leaving the bathroom door open while she showered.

I was getting so fucking aroused it was driving me crazy, walking around with a constant throbbing hard-on. This went on for a couple weeks until I finally started spying on her, masturbating sister watching her in the shower. The lightly frosted shower glass distorted her image only slightly.

I could imagine the rest kink com porn her soapy hands cupped her huge breasts and caressed her nipples. She had to know what she was doing to me. Soon a small tee shirt and panties was all she wore around the house. Her panties were so damn sexy too. Sheer and lacy of all sorts of colors which hid very little. She had a pair of sheer light blue lacy boy shorts that simply drove me wild.

I just wanted to walk up behind her, slide them down to her knees and slide my thick cock deep inside her. It seemed younger made it a point to reach up in the cupboards younger get something when I was in the kitchen eating breakfast or something. As she stood on her tip toes, her tee shirt pulled upwards, revealing her glorious panty covered ass to my lustful view. Her soft panty clad ass was just driving me mad with lust. Now I am not a so called hunk but I have been told I am a good looking guy.

I stand about 6 foot tall, have blue-green eyes and was always into sports so I'm built athletically. I have light brown hair and a light complexion. I tan very easy so I try to keep a dark tan as much sexy I can. My cock isn't the longest but it is very thick in diameter and my cock head becomes a huge purple knob when I'm completely aroused.

I started thinking, two can play at this game of teasing and arousal that sexy was playing. I started wearing only a pair of gym shorts around the house. Then I got even bolder, gym shorts with no underwear so she could see the clear outline of my thick throbbing thick eight inch cock. It didn't take long as that is when things really started to get out of control.

One Saturday morning she was getting her shower and again left the bathroom door open. My body was tingling with excitement as I stood there naked in the hall, stroking my thick cock, watching my sexy sister. I don't know why, lust was driving me mad as I slowly entered the bathroom. She sexy fuck and romantic couples her back towards me as I walked up close to the shower glass, still stroking my long thick cock. As she turned, I heard her gasp as she saw my huge throbbing cock.

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None of my fantasies could even come close to how excited I was at that moment. My heart pounded in my throat as my knees grew weak. My cock was harder than ever and my cock head was huge, all swollen and purple as I pressed it against the cool glass. Amy's nipples were huge dark swollen nubs against the pale white flesh of her breasts. I could see her hand covering her pale white pussy pound, fingers thrashing her clit from side to side, up and down as she moaned with pleasure.

This was just too much to endure.

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Sexy huge stream of white hot cum spurted across the glass, followed by another, then another until I was spent. My seed was dripping down the glass as Amy shuddered and whimpered as she started her intense orgasm.

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