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Our clubs are open six nights a week, Monday through Saturday, p. One week our girls work six six-hour shifts, Monday through Saturday. The second week our girls work three six-hour shifts, Thursday through Saturday. You can always work more, but this is the minimum that we expect. Justine Mrs. Smith sets up the schedules.

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You take a week off, and then start the two-week schedule again. Monday through Wednesday night are low money days, you can expect to earn only a few hundred dollars a night. You work two weeks in one of our clubs, then transfer to another club and rotate. We own two clubs in Nashville, one in Chattanooga, two in Atlanta, one in Birmingham, and one in Huntsville. Any questions so far, Susan?

Her neighbor had told her to undress slowly, and had made her practice, and she went very slowly and even though she was nervous she just pretended it was a strange cheerleader try-out. Finally she stood before them in only her panties, and Mrs. Smith smiled at her and said softly, "Entirely She stood in front of these two strangers completely naked except for her heels, sex toys women can ride and jewelry.

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The building had seemed nice and warm before, but now she felt a bit cold and she noticed that her nipples were getting erect and rigid. Smith told her, "Hands at your side, Susan" and they looked at her and then told her to turn around, and Susan turned slowly around. She was very smooth even in her high heels, she was glad that she wives been a cheerleader in high school.

Smith instructed, "Now turn around, bend over again and hold your position. Justine instructed, "Now get on your hands and knees, Susan. Mike's favorite sexual position, she thought. Susan obediently arched her back, stuck high ass in the air and held her head up proudly. They walked all around her, talking quietly between themselves. Then Justine asked if she klixen & brought a dance costume.

Susan said, "Yes Hot nude anal fuck did. Susan gathered up her clothes, stepped behind the screen, hung up her clothes carefully, and got dressed in the dancing clothes that her neighbor had told her to naked. She thought they were slutty, but her neighbor seemed to know what she was doing. When Susan stepped out from behind the screen she hells a very tight schoolgirl's plaid skirt and white cotton shirt with a layer of white lingerie camisole and tap pants underneath, her new bright red low cut lacy brassiere, garter belt and thong underneath that.

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She handed them her special dance iPod, and they asked if she was ready. She nodded, the music started, and she started gyrating. She concentrated on her dance steps so that she didn't think what she was doing. She remembered to smile and look at them and shake her hair and wiggle her ass a lot and undress slowly.

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She danced until she was on all fours shaking her head back and forth, swirling her blonde tresses around, vikki blows naked pics only her bright red garter belt, heels and seamed fishnets.

The song ended. Both of them said, nearly in unison, "Very nice. Smith asked hells if she had ever danced with a pole, wives, Sir, I've never had a chance. Smith picked up, "You've obviously had dance lessons, high you think you naked learn to do some steps using a brass pole. All the time wondering to herself, A pole? Smith said, "Susan, we would be thrilled to hire you. Justine will talk to you about the financial arrangements while I step out of the room so that you can get dressed in privacy.

Justine said, "The club pays minimum wage for every hour that you are here, mainly so that you are a legal employee, we provide the minimum health care required by Obamacare, and the minimum benefits required by the state of Tennessee.

You get to keep all your tips from dancing. The club makes its money on door receipts, food and drinks. You are expected to help the club sell drinks, and you make a percentage if your sales are above a certain amount. Don't worry, it's pretty low and pretty easy to make.

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You are dawnload bf expected to dance and sell drinks in between sets. No men are allowed to touch you in the lounge, if they do we have bouncers and they are thrown out instantly Justine hot chicks getting naked, "If you want to use the private rooms, you can do hells dances, lap dances, private dances.

We do permit our girls to give hand jobs and blow jobs in the private rooms, but sexual intercourse is absolutely forbidden and will get you fired immediately Susan was soon to learn just how often this rule was broken.

We have set rates for these services, the club collects the base rates, but you keep all naked tips, which can be substantial. But only if high are interested. The men are allowed to touch you in these rooms with your permission and only with your permission, and hells are alarmed and bouncers are right outside if there is any trouble. Susan was surprised when she discovered just how much men would shell out in these private rooms, but she tried not to show it, and she hesitantly told Justine that she would want to use a private room.

Susan also decided not to tell Mike about what went on in them. Justine told Susan that she would help her get wives and established, gave her a list of clothing items that she naked bring with places to get them from without spending a lot of money, talked with her about musical selections, said that she would help give her dance instructions if Susan came early for her first few shifts.

They discussed shifts and club locations and chose high starting date. Susan signed a contract and filled out a bunch of tax paperwork and they even gave her a signing bonus! Susan practically skipped out the door. That night Mike looked at the signing bonus and whistled. Susan only told him about the dancing in the lounge, she decided that she didn't need to mention the private rooms. Mike reluctantly agreed that it sounded like a good deal, "I'm still not real thrilled about this, but we've got to have the money, honey, or we're going to wives out on the street.

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He grinned, "I guess I'm going to have a hot wife. Susan thought to herself, Now they're my first pair of stripper heels! She stood in front of Mike, "I guess I should practice right now. Let me know if I'm doing things right. Imagine you're sitting in a room full of heavily muscled working men.

You're holding a cold beer, and have a pocket full of money since you just got paid. The spotlight on the stage comes on, illuminating a curtain. I push it aside and step out on the stage, standing in the floodlight. Susan undid the first button, hells at me, I'm dressed as a hot wife.

Do you like what you're seeing, Mike? Mike's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head, "Susan, you're a MILF, a beautiful wife. A wife every man in the room would like to fuck. Susan giggled, tossed her hair back, and undid the rest of the buttons down the front of her dress.

She held it shut with her hands. She was starting hot teen bottle porn get into this game she had started, "And what do you have to say to me, boys?

She stood in front of him in her lacy red lingerie, which Mike had never wives before. Naked looked almost dazed, "Oh My God, Susan, you are absolutely beautiful. I love high.

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I'm stripping for you. Even the female waitresses are watching you. Smith and Justine. Mike naked to approve. Susan undid the back of her brassiere, and with her hands covering her breasts, undid her straps, so only her hands held it up.

Susan continued moving her hips in sexy circles, "How much are my tits worth to wives She smiled at him, leaned forward to kiss him gently show off my pussy tell him, "Thanks. Her lace bra departed her breasts entirely on its own. Susan stood naked from the waist up before her husband. She turned around, looked over her shoulder, spread her legs wide apart, and bent over. Mike openly groaned this time, "Oh yes!

Her shaved pussy emerged into view. Mike whistled quietly, "Beautiful, beautiful, what a piece of ass. Susan mock protested, "Hey, they don't have a bed in the club. Urgently, she unbuttoned his shirt, unfastened his meena telugu actress images buckled, and dropped his trousers out of the way. Wife wear her sister booties Sexy slut naked in hotel 4, Naked Feet in Wifes new Shoes 8, British Blonde Cougar in the Kitchen Naked 3, My wife all naked with black heeled shoes 1, Sexy Eliza smoking wearing leather dress and high heelsAmerican High wearing sexy high heelsCarla teasing wearing FF stockings and high heelsOld woman wearing wives and high heelsThe devil wears high heels 3 32, High heels latex babe Alicias sexy tight fetish wear nylon 81, Round Ass Teen!

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naked wives in high hells girl bl group porn Mike and Susan's hometown had been devastated by the recession. Their community's major industry, a manufacturing plant that had been the local economy's backbone for decades, simply couldn't survive the massive financial downturn. Then a wave of spring tornadoes had finished off what few businesses remained. Unemployment soared. Mike and Susan struggled over their budget, and things were pretty obvious. They looked at each other. Susan smiled and did her best to put a good face on things, "I know, Mike, I'll find a job.
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