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The only sensible option is to disrobe and act like you do this every day. It feels a lot more awkward and will attract a lot more attention than just doing what everyone else does. Even if everyone in the sauna is naked, you should always bring a towel to sit on. To help keep the sauna clean and pong-free, take a shower before getting in.

Sauna etiquette in Sweden – Routes North

Lots of Swedes consider it a vital accompaniment to the hot, dry air inside the sauna. You can add a lot more humidity to a sauna fairly quickly by pouring water over the hot stones. Ogling is always a big no-no.

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Enjoy it, and go with the flow. If everyone is naked, you should follow suit. You see, I'm stark naked, as is the stranger to my immediate left and right. Welcome to the world of naked saunas. It was on a train journey through Sweden with a friend that I decided to take the plunge into Scandi culture by shedding my inhibitions — and my clothes.

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Both in Sweden and Scandinavia as a whole, the sauna isn't just a pastime, it's a way of life. Like fika stockholm coffee breaksweating away stress is part and parcel of the Swedish experience. Revered for their relaxing effects and circulatory benefits, whether private or public, gender-segregated naked mixed, the principle remains the same: a long, indulgent session in a baking-hot sauna with an ice-cold dip or shower afterwards.

But for foreign visitors who aren't used to baring all in front of complete strangers, it can be a little awkward. Enter this writer. As a precursor, I should mention that despite not having lived in the land of perennial cups of tea for more than a decade, I still haven't quite managed to ditch my inner prudish Brit. Growing up in a naked house where the bathroom door was perpetually open, regardless of what my parents were doing within its four walls, I rebelled by ceremoniously locking the door.

So, to carry out my long overdue emancipation I decided women travel from Copenhagen to the waterside city of Malmo. Sweden's third-largest city, Malmo is home to Scandinavia's tallest building, beautiful parks, edgy contemporary museums, and what is renowned as one of the finest 'kallbadhus' bath houses in the country. What better place to break my naked sauna teen pinay porn movie Paul Ewart Ribersborg bath house.

Image: Paul Ewart.

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Walking into the weather-beaten wooden structure I note separate sections for men and women, both of which offer direct access to the surrounding ocean. Battling trepidation, I head into the changing rooms where I coyly shed my clothes. Holding my towel over my nether regions I walk towards the saunas. The complex contains four of them — two on the women's side, two on the men's, one steam and one wood-fired.

I opt for the latter and enter.

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naked women of stockholm hd sex car And the health benefits of the Swedish sauna are much talked about. But for foreign visitors, who might not be used to baring all in front of other people, the whole thing can feel a little… awkward. So: is it okay to wear swimming gear in a traditional Swedish sauna? Not having clothes sticking to your skin just makes the whole sauna experience a bit more comfortable, and some purists even consider it unhygienic to bring swimwear into the sauna. So how do you know what you should do? Well, a lot depends on the context of when and where the sauna session takes place.
naked women of stockholm naked hippie chicks Wood crackles as it burns in the small furnace opposite me, small rivers of sweat run down my brow, pooling in my eyes causing them to blink. The soaring temperature begins to make me feel woozy and the smell of the fire permeates my nostrils. Almost in chorus, the eight or so men in the room exhale deeply as they too battle with the heat. I'm in a sauna perched atop a wooden pier in the middle of the sea. But aside from its postcard-perfect situation, there's something else that's unusual about this particular hot box.
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