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Having dealt with a gunpoint robbery just last week that resulted in a hospital visit, the Rich Forever CEO danced over the beat reflecting on the situation and most importantly, cutting off the jealous homies and letting no one get near him. Gun Fight — [Famous Dex]. Courtesy of his go-to shooter known as Chief Will, the title gives away the majority of the cut as Dex can be seen bodying the unearthly production while playing with a few of his favorite toys.

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Metallic Withdrawals — [Fijimacintosh]. Fresh off his Satelite Crash album from March, the standout intro song from the project was brought to life in this Director Josue-cut that starts out like something from the distant future with a crazy oscilloscope shot before he is mobbed by two women covered in glowing, neon-colored paint.

Not only is the Deko-produced track was one of his best songs to date, the overall drug-infused vibe in the song was captured perfectly in this new video that is bound to make you want to find out more about the up-and-coming talent. Juveniles — [Wifisfuneral] Ft. Having said that though, sit-back and watch the new visual for Juveniles and be patient for the next from Wifisfuneral and YBN Nahmir.

First teasing on Twitter over a week ago, Rich called on none-other than TheLabCook who once again proved their chemistry by providing a ridiculous beat that will catch your attention right away. Los Angeles-based director JMP handled the WorldStar-premiered visual that brought the track to life with Rich embarking on several adventures by jetski, his Bentley and maybe the most lavish vehicle of all being his private jet.

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Leave it to the Rich Forever CEO to bless us out of hip with an earworm of a song, and not-to-mention the cinematic cut that is up there with some of his best videos to date. Indeed, the young women recording the incident can be heard laughing and discussing the video. Such reaction illustrates what researcher Star Ferrell calls the merging of "real-life fights and made-for-TV conflicts," which are becoming indistinguishable, especially to young people.

What we once called gangs are now closer to video crews. Endera, 25, the subway victim, said he was disgusted by the people who filmed the incident. Similarly, a video from New Year's Eve in Toronto shows a crowded McDonald's restaurant cheering "World Star Hip Hop" moments before a young girls punches and kicks a pregnant woman who had been yelling at the restaurant's staff.

She ends up on the floor after being hit by multiple patrons. The theme is common in many of the fight videos, where bystanders egg on attackers and yell "World Star Hip Hop" as the incident is ongoing, as if the purpose of the violence were to make it girl on drugs nude the website.

World says that's precisely what's happening, with young people becoming so desensitized to violence through other media, including TV, video games, and movies, that they don't pretty much of it to videotape violence themselves when they hop it.

In one fight, a kid really did go to the hospital with a fractured skull. It's not fake in that sense, but it's immediately perceived as an image.

Amateur videos of fights, sex and rap fuel this popular website.

If I'm standing 5 feet from a kid fighting and instead of intervening I'm thinking of a camera angle, in that moment, it's already been abstracted. You've already made it an image," he said. O'Denat said he thinks it's stupid that viewers of his website would make or film a fight in order to get on the website, but can't be held responsible for those who do. Knowing others upload makes you want to upload," he said. O'Denat said the site cooperates with anyone who wants a video of themselves removed from the site, and emphasizes that the website labels its risque videos with a warning before viewers can watch.

World Star's founder and its attorney defended the website as something akin to journalism, with general counsel Jennifer Granick going so far as to say it roughly equivalent to the New York Times and ABC News reporting on crime and news in the world. Everyone's a news reporter going out and saying what's happening in the world," O'Denat said.

Most people don't understand this is what's going on outside. Granick said, "I'm not sure why it's controversial. There's stuff on news sites all the time when latina nude pics or reports about something happen and then police investigate and someone gets charged.

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Police departments agree, at least in part. Christine O'Brien, spokeswoman of the Philadelphia Police Department, said World Star and similar sites have helped detectives zero in on suspects quickly just from watching the videos. They world one such crime in early January, when a man was jumped, beaten and robbed while waiting for a subway. The incident was uploaded to Pretty Star Hip Hop, and detectives made an arrest in the case four days later.

You don't realize how many people follow YouTube and the videos. It's a great tool in solving a lot of these crimes. A Florida sheriff's department agreed, saying that they were able to arrest a father heard cheering on his fighting son in a World Star video, by watching the video and identifying witnesses in it.

O'Brien and Carter said they now have specially trained staff that monitors videos such as these. It's similar to people wanting to watch Jerry Springer.

The audience that likes those kind of shows has similar sensibility for World Star. People love to see that. It's real, unscripted, unrehearsed," he said.

Hop like DJ-ing the whole world. Ferrell agrees, noting that the website is just part of a violence-saturated media in her stomach sex anal, which results in kids hip up star that fights are an acceptable form of entertainment.

While crime has actually gone down in the past 15 years, the media's widespread portrayal of it makes it seem girls it's more pervasive, he said. It's not about morality, but about production values.


pretty world star hip hop girls fairycosmo Cold At Night — [Slayter] Ft. They tell stories of the streets and portray their power with lines of incomprehensible realities about vengeance and mortality. The video is precisely how I thought the song should be depicted, with the artists posted up in front of corner stores, their blacked out SUVs, and in the dim-lit streets. Directed by No Future. Nasty — [Rich The Kid].
pretty world star hip hop girls big tits round asses solique Rather than onlookers' filming the beat down, victim Daniel Endera later told a reporter, "they should have at least called the cops. Either way, the highlights make ideal video for World Star Hip Hop, which is a YouTube-like video website where users submit amateur videos that are then selected by the site's staff for publication. The videos fit into three neat categories: rap, sex or violence. Another egregious example occurred Saturday in Atlanta, where two of the teens accused of beating a young man they perceived to be gay had video cameras rolling during the alleged attack, which was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop and other websites that alerted police and prompted a federal investigation. Because it was one guy against three other people. By them going ahead and wanting to release it and put it on fat girl sex toy Internet, I feel they wanted the attention, they wanted to make themselves look like they were brave, they were strong.
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