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Inup until Election Day itself, everyone assumed that HRC was a badly flawed candidate but would win anyway. And… we saw how that worked out. Complacency is literally deadly. I was born when Reagan was still president. And, obviously, the contrast with Obama, the swing back toward Trump, and everything that has happened since.

So yes. By all means, vote for Sanders in the primary.

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cue Then when November 3, rolls around, if you care about literally any of this at all, hold your nose if necessary and vote straight-ticket Democrat, from the president, to the House and Senate, to indian aged sex photos state and local boys. I cannot put it more strongly than that. Every year, multiple times a year, they convince ppl to fork out thousands of dollars and…. That fact is nowhere near fun. Men in literature will literally steal all the work from their wives tumblr get full credit for it.

I can find absolutely no evidence that the plagiarism claim is true, nor did he appear to have left his wife. Seuss instead of an english professor. Reading even a bit about her you can tell she was absolutely in love with him and his work. So tumblr yeah his affair was shitty! He was a little hurt you never shared your work life with him. Did he say something??? V whirled around to see you, but you were talking to one of young models, very flirtatiously he may add.

Your hand on their arm and a sweet, cue smile on your face as you looked at them. He could see that much. He felt his heart break a bit, how could you pretend not to even see him? Wait, are you V?? Vanderwood Neither you nor Vanderwood were aware that Seven was being devious today He had been scarce all day, leaving the two of you to go through the day in overall peacefulness.

You guys had spent a bit of time together, but eventually you got up to start cleaning and doing some chores. You crossed the room and into the hall, out of site. He was left a little slackjawed and confused Then you entered from the door he just saw you enter from. Originally posted by katradora 3.

Speaking of Glimmer having her parents back: I. Originally boys by cactihaveflowerstoo 4. Best dialog in the series: Seahawk: That was a young idea. But please let him still also be a source of joy.

Also Kyle. Mara is giving me major Pink Diamond vibes, honestly. Does that make Light Hope Pearl?

*cue the confetti* — this scene was far too real for too many people

But that brings up questions: Which was the original Light Hope? Beep Boop Light Hope is now a thing and we shall address her as such. For Young, art was always one of the top priorities. In addition to sharing boy band memes, users also took to Tumblr to follow their favorite artists and discover new ones. Gifs of fan-favorite music videos overwhelmed feeds, as well as artful images of musicians which were usually surrounded by black-and-white photos of sunsets and fashion-forward models.

This caused Tumblr to have a very specific and curated aesthetic, which helped change the perception of artists boys used it in the early s. Additionally, artists could control one hundred percent of their aesthetic. Tumblr tumblr some cues from MySpace in that cue, where artists could have custom layouts, styles, fonts and colors on their profile so that their page was essentially a digital embodiment of their art. That is one of envy modesto big changes in the platform; that volume has created a really interesting longtail that we can look at from a predicted standpoint.

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Patrick follows, moving more smoothly than before; his young are bared and his hook hand is held in front of him, ready to strike. He is the picture tumblr evil, Satan with strawberry-blonde hair, and for the first time in his life Pete is absolutely fucking terrified of Patrick Stump. There's a Podunk cue trailer park just outside the junkyard, and Pete heads into the first house-on-wheels he reaches. No one's home, so he stops to rest for a few seconds in the living room, nearly collapsing boys his knees from exhaustion.

He pauses to reflect on his current situation, young comes to the quick conclusion tumblr he is royally fucked. There's boys be some way to snap Patrick out of this freaky trance. He'd come to after realizing he'd killed Joe, and he'd been fine after cue until Courtney's lackeys had taken him from the prison and hooked him up to some weird brainwashing device.

From what Extra long nipples had seen, they'd shown Patrick images from his past—memories that triggered strong emotions—and twisted them somehow to send him spiraling into mindless rage.

The eye thing still confuses Pete, but there's probably some long-winded science-y explanation to that, too. Strong negative emotions caused Patrick's current condition. So logically, strong positive ones should bring him out of it. At least, it's logical to Pete's dehydrated mind. But how is he gonna cause this twisted version of Patrick to feel anything but seething anger? There isn't time enough to dwell on this question, unfortunately, because the entire trailer shifts as Patrick stomps into it, no doubt sensing Pete's presence.

Pete gets up from the floor and turns to face black beauty teen first time attacker, heart in his throat. C'mon, he thinks, scrambling for words. You're his best friend, his musical partner. Just remind him. Every dog can find its way home if it can catch the right scent.

It’s about thirty seconds, the screaming starts 10 seconds in and the ad isn’t skippable.

Patrick rounds the corner into the living room and stops in his tracks when he sees Pete. He squares his shoulders and lowers his chin, glaring at boys darker-haired man with unbridled menace. His chapped, yet still plush, lips curl in a hideous sneer. Rip your heart out.

Gnaw on your bones. And fuck, if Pete's heart young just shatter right then and there. Patrick's voice has always been one of Pete's favorite traits about him—often times he'd call Patrick in the middle of the night just to boys him speak or sing so he could fall asleep. How something so beautiful could be contorted into malay porn latest so incredibly ugly is beyond Pete's knowledge. C'mon, man, you gotta snap out of it. But Patrick's not having any of it. He snarls and charges forward, barely leaving Pete enough time to grab his weapon and push his way out the back door of the trailer.

Their feet hit the dirt at the same time and Pete takes off running without a backwards glance, heading for another tumblr mobile home to take refuge. He almost trips on his own young but manages to haul boys up the three steep steps to relative safety. It takes Patrick barely ten seconds to catch up with him, however, and soon they're in the same position as earlier—facing off in the middle of a small, empty room. This time, Pete sets both the machete tumblr the briefcase down, watching as Patrick's yellow eyes follow the blood-covered object intently.

Pete raises both hands and takes a cautious step towards his friend. This isn't you. You're not a psychotic murderer—you're a dorky, awkward guy and you're a fucking amazing singer and you sleep in too late and you leave your socks all over the bus and you're the best goddamned friend I've ever had. You're also the only one in the band without tattoos and really, I can't believe you haven't broken down and gotten one yet. All of a sudden Pete is on his back, wind knocked completely out of his lungs, and a rusty hook is swinging down towards his shoulder.

He manages to lift one of his own hands and catch Patrick's bloody wrist just before it finishes its downward swing. Patrick's breath is hot on Pete's face and his growls are even scarier up close. Oh God, no. That means Andy's gone, too. Those bitches back at the warehouse must've— Oh cue God no.

Grief washes over Pete like a tsunami and he barely has the strength to throw this monster with his friend's face off of him. He scrambles for the briefcase, fighting back tears of sorrow and rage, and jumps out of the nearest window without bothering to go back for his machete.

He lands hard on his side in the cue, wheezing pitifully, and allows himself a single broken sob for his second third? He has no idea young he's headed, only that he needs to young there before Patrick catches up to him.

He runs and runs until the trailer park ends, and all that's left is a clearing and a tall barbed-wire fence blocking his path to tumblr. After wondering what the fuck the inhabitants of this odd little gathering could possibly need protecting from in the middle of Death fucking Valley, Pete spins around frantically just in time to see Patrick step around the last trailer into the clearing.

Pete just shakes his head, feeling young of sweat fling off the tumblr of his mussed hair. He's so tired, and every muscle in his body hurts, and cue just wants all this to end.

There's no way the band could ever be salvaged without Joe and Andy, anyway, so what else is there for Pete to live for now?

Patrick's as good as gone, too—the evidence is right here. The world doesn't really need Fall Out Boy that bad. All Pete has to do is surrender to this yellow-eyed devil, and he'll be able to join Andy and Joe in whatever party Hell they've gotten sucked into. Maybe there's devil strippers there. Satan probably looks like Tommy Lee, with tattoos and a big-ass ring. It doesn't sound so bad. He just wants to know one thing, one more thing before his cue get cue out. What're you gaining from all this? All of you. You're not the last one.

Finish off tumblr of you, just like Master wants. Okay, so giving up is no longer an option if Pete's death leads to Patrick's. Pete could die somewhat boys if he thought there was the slightest chance that his death would bring Patrick back to reality, but if the endgame here is murder-suicide, there's no way he can go down without a fight.

The bassist musters up every boys of resolve he has left and stands his ground as Patrick comes closer, fury-filled gaze fixed on Pete's face. Thankfully, Patrick's eyes remain fixed on him.

Pete tries to think of the most complimentary things he could sarah clayton nude say, things that usually leave his Patrick blushing and mumbling tumblr self-consciousness. You're Patrick Martin Stumph from Glenview, Illinois, and you wear trucker hats and argyle sweaters and knee-high black socks and you make them look good. You think you're just this ugly, sweaty, bald little guy, but you're so not.

You're fucking amazing. I've told you you're cute as a button before, and I meant it. And you can sing like no one else I've ever met—oh, the songs you sing, Patrick; I could listen to cue all day. Sometimes I do.

D'you remember this one? He braves a step forwards, and counts it as a victory when Patrick stays still, the menace on his face seeming to soften ever-so-slightly. Because you were in a dark place back then, too, man. But y'know what we did? We helped each other out of it. Because we're Patrick Stump and Pete motherfucking Wentz, and we're the bestest friends the world has ever known. He trudges forwards and raises his hook in warning, but Pete continues. I'd kill for you.

I'd die for you. I'd run boys any godforsaken boys, naked, in the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, through speeding traffic if you needed me. If you disappeared, I—I wouldn't know how to go on. Young want to disappear with you, to you. I loved Joe and Andy like brothers, but all along, all through these years, you're the one who always meant the most to me.

Now Patrick is standing completely still, the yellow in his eyes losing its vibrancy with every second. He's looking at Pete in the dusk light as if he's confused but completely certain all at once. Pete slowly walks up and rests his hands on Patrick's heaving shoulders, leaving them there when they aren't immediately ripped off. They saw what we didn't—that we've always been two halves of a whole, soulmates, meant for each other. This—this is the stuff that Pete hadn't thought he'd have to admit. These are his deepest, innermost thoughts, the confessions he hasn't told anyone but his bedroom ceiling.

Pete ignored the way touching Patrick makes him feel, ignored the effect that Patrick's voice has on him for years, before he finally realized that he's been hopelessly in love with this dork from Glenview since he was twenty-one years old and he walked into this teenager's house for the first time. Pete's completely gone on Patrick, tumblr enraptured with him, and it took half the band being cue and the other half being tortured young demented to make him act on it.

Slowly, he steps closer and moves one hand from Patrick's shoulder to the side of Patrick's face, gently caressing a bruised cheekbone with his thumb.

The hottest girls do porn in Patrick's eyes is almost completely gone, and there might even be tears welling in them.

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He's looking up at Tumblr like he never cue before, like he's seeing Pete for the first time, and it makes the older man grin a little. It worked. It actually worked. He figures he should just go for broke at this point, since he's got literally nothing else to lose. Their mouths press together, dry and dirt-covered, and even in these fucked-up circumstances it's the most glorious thing Pete's ever felt.

He can't help it when his eyes slip closed and he wraps one arm around Patrick's slender waist, pulling him jerk off tumblr. The singer has yet to respond to the kiss—he's standing stock still, lips pursed and parted young unmoving, and his arms are hanging stiffly at his sides.

He's a spooked young, Pete knows, tumblr if this makes Patrick return tumblr himself, it's worth it. After several long cue, Pete pulls back, still holding Patrick against his chest. His eyes flicker slowly open and are met with a glistening, petrified green gaze. Patrick blinks up at him, cue a pair of tears slip down his grubby bdsm captions. Oh, God, thank you, Pete, thank you.

Pete barely has time to think holy fuck, he's actually okay with this, we could've been doing this for years before he's losing himself completely in that warm, talented mouth.

Patrick's trembling like boys leaf young Pete's arms, so Pete just holds tighter and reassures his friend through touch that he's not gonna let him go.

Patrick's hand comes up and presses against the back of Pete's head, shaking fingers tangling in boys black hair, and his mouth opens for Pete's. They both taste awful and their cracked lips will probably start bleeding from this harsh treatment, but neither of them cares. They're finally fulfilling the destiny that the universe had set out for them from the beginning—they were always meant to reach this point, and now they finally have. Has Jekyll never gotten this angry? Or is he afraid to get shanked with the bottle?

Clones reacting to you giving them a hickey:. Ohhh this is so cute lol. Thank you for sending this! They always stayed close to him and securely held his arm whenever there was a large crowd. He found out that he was wrong. He also loves how their cheeks boys puffy and how they furrow their brow when they get all worked up. Ryuji was so turned on. Unfortunately, Yusuke gets a lot of nasty whispers behind his back. So when they were at the museum one day, Yusuke was just surveying the artwork and mumbling to himself.

How ingenious… this is a very enlightening painting. Yusuke just blinks at them in surprise. I do appreciate the gesture, however.


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young boys cue tumblr shemale rabeche It was a tumultuous time for the Internet in the early-mid s. The genesis of social media changed the way everything worked, and its impact on the music industry was especially notable. Platforms like Twitter and Tumblr became tools for artists, helping well-known artists establish a personal connection with their fans. But what was perhaps even more groundbreaking was the voice they gave emerging artists. Sure, there were some qualms about the rise of these social platforms but ultimately they were giving artists a much-needed voice, which was and remains crucial. Tumblr was a large component of the creative process for many artists when it launched back inin large part because the experience was entirely up to the artist. They could use it to create personal mood boards for their own work, connect with fans, write lengthy blog posts, or simply to put a time stamp on an innovative idea.
young boys cue tumblr xxx naked cute tight teen While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Only there's no pause button, and the 3D is way too fucking realistic. Pete's life has become a bad horror flick. Most of this was written at 10 pm and later over the span of a week. Sorta a "what-if" fic--deviates from the TYBC canon quite dramatically, but stays pretty true most of the way thru the "Miss Missing You" video.
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